Hack 21

Plant Container Hack

Pot Planters are very expensive , so in this hack, I decided to tape 3 tiles in the shape of a triangle and cement them together. I planted Aloe Vera as I am all about health benefits.

To use the aloe one simple has to cut off leaf and put it in glass tile yellow liquid(irritant) drains out, then scrap aloe leave to get opaque gel.

hack 21



Hack 20

Eye hack

There is much the eyes don’t see. Have a look at your remote control you don’t see the light coming from it, but you can easily check if the remote is working by using a phone camera.

This hack makes you see a beauty that you often miss everyday.


hack 20

Hack 19

Equality Hack

Diversity Hack

Well it is my hopes(sp) that this hack addresses two situations at the same time. Like the loss of life of so many people I knew, there are no words for these hacks you just have to feel it to see it.



Hack 18

How to Stop Xenophobia Hack

While I have access to the internet today, I am posting more than one hack, as I can not be sure when next I will have access, given power cuts, and of course free wi-fi. (a brand name does not mean wireless infidelity).

As a refugee attacks are frequent , verbal and other, but if a cat and dog can get along surely South Africa can embrace us foreign breeds. So send this pic on and help stop xenophobia.

hack 18


Hack 17

Side Table Hack

I know I said in my previous hack that I will be away for a while. However where there is a will there is a way . In this hack I make a simple side table using a tile and four bottles stuck with wood glue. The tile I got for free from a tile shop by saying I needed a sample to check if it goes with my decor(don’t have any decor). The Lawn in the picture is watered by a higher power!


Hack 17

Hack 16

Quitting Hack

So my old phone decided to stop working after 2 years, which in my opinion phone makers program the phone to do such. This means that I can no longer take pictures of my hacks, and that I am no longer able to hack wifi to post the hacks to wordpress.

An important thing in life as a refugee is that one must know when to quit, one must understand and accept when the boat is not going to make it to the other side. So until we meet again fellow bloggers, keep keeping on!



Hack 16

Motivation Hack

When you forced to leave your country of birth, due to persecution and fear of death by starvation, you expect that the grass would be greener on the other side. However, while my host country have being kind enough to give me a place of refuge, they have not given me the right to earn a living, which brings me back to fear of death by starvation. So I have being trying by all means to hack out a living, from the internet.

One of the things I have done was to teach myself android programming, so that I could develop my own app. Having done so, the app is not flying off the shelf, so I was forced to make it a free app. So what is the motivational hack in this chapter, it is the knowledge that no matter what the best motivational speakers or leaders in business tell you, LUCK plays a huge part in success. Yeah I know they will say you make your own LUCK, but you have to be ruthless to be able to do that.

And as luck would have it my phone finally broke, but don’t panic it is on my repair hack list, but until then I wont be able to frame my pictures.

The App



Hack 15

Creativity Innovation Hack

This hack is about asking the right questions when you are trying to be creative, it is about being willing to keep going, even when the world is saying stop.

Friends will not support you until you make it, and you can never make it by trying to fake it. If you find all the ways which are wrong, eventually you will end up with a way that is right.

I pushed my book idea from a simple question, that no one has yet managed to answer ‘who is amai afreeka’ to print which backed the idea that I can send a postcard to the world.  hello world !

Hack 15.jpg

Hack 14

Car Radio Hack

Having a very small living room, but need a very good sound system, I connect a car radio to a 12V power supply and the four speakers around my living room, super sound like I am in a super car.

Hack 14