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Hack 54

Running Linux on your mobile phone hack

In this hack I use a mobile phone to run a Linux system called DSL. Which is essence means that one could use phone as server… Hence we can build web 3.0 on a network of phones. Limbo is the app to use to install Linux on your phone without the need to root the phone.


Hack 54






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Hack 53

Winter Warmer Hack


Piece of Fleece material



Put ingredients and sew into fleece, when done put in microwave for 40 seconds and you have a cheap winter warmer.

hack 53



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Save the images below and then post them to to your whatsapp status in the order that follows. It will make the status view feel as if they are typing.


This is what it will look like below

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Hack 49

Meditation Hack

A friend sent me this, and while I can see a meta narrative running through it, I am left wondering of the use of old technology, where people used to write in two different colors to save paper. My thinking was that the choice of colors was not write, as one is difficult to read, but she said it was intentional because it is a difficult situation that is being reflected to the reader.

Meditation Remix