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Hack 63

Basil Plant in small container

15CM BY 10CM Plant grows to 1 meter in height.

hack 63

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Hack 59

Lost Remote hack

Do you keep losing your remote, well I did and stuck a bit of valcro to the back of my remote and the other part to the wall. The radio you see in the pic is from an earlier hack I posted. Plus the remote is not the actual remote for the radio, but I found it worked on the radio after I lost original remote


Hack 59


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Survival Hack

As a refugee I am struggling to earn a living by selling books on Amazon. Not being allowed to work in my host country gives me plenty of time for writing, so for that I guess I have an attitude of gratitude.

I am currently working on a documentary feature film about the coming social revolution.

Hack 58


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Monstera Deliciosa Plant

In this hack I wanted to see how long these plant cuttings would last in water as a room decoration, six months later the plant is thriving.

Hack 56

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Hack 55

Write and Publish Book In a Week!

For this hack I decided to write and publish a book in a week. It was challenging with very few hours for sleep. I wanted the book to be deep and meaningful. The book has been called life altering by the few that have read it. If you enjoy this blog, and would like me to continue with this blog, please show some support and buy a copy. Every cents counts when you are living in a country that does not allow you to work.

African Meditations


Buy your copy here please


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Hack 54

Running Linux on your mobile phone hack

In this hack I use a mobile phone to run a Linux system called DSL. Which is essence means that one could use phone as server… Hence we can build web 3.0 on a network of phones. Limbo is the app to use to install Linux on your phone without the need to root the phone.


Hack 54