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Do You Know How To Grow Your Channel

Do you have a YouTube channel?

To grow a channel you need to start a channel and learn by doing. As you upload a video into the YouTube system. It will provide you with valuable information. Use that information to grow the channel.There is several types of information you get as feedback from the system.

1. The amount of views

2. The amount of watch time

3. How viewers found your channel

4. The age group

5. The location of viewers

6. The ability to compare your videos to other similar videos

7. Key search words used by your viewers

8. What kind of thumbnail works

9. What a certain title does in relation to views

The content is not that important in the beginning. As you react to the information you receive from the YouTube system, your content will automatically start improving. Why you ask? because at this point you will start receiving information in the form of comments from the user. if they tell you your content is bad that will inspire you to create better content.Some viewers will tell you whats wrong with your videos, and even recommend programs you can use to improve them.When I started on YouTube my first channel took about 5 months to get 1000 views. Taking everything I learnt from the first channel, I started a new channel which got 1000 views in 1 week. I will be the first to admit that my content is boring, and badly presented, but it growing.You will also need to market your channel via other social media platforms. Start a blog, use tweeter, FB, etc to guide people to your channel. Currently YouTube is trying to move into more shorts related content. Upload some shorts. Learn to understand the person on the other side of the screen, the one who gets to choose to watch your video or not.I have learnt to guide people to my channel with a simple question.What is the smile game?