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Hack 93

Glitch in the Matrix

the vieome story

If you only do one thing a year, read the following book, like covid it could change your life.

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Hack 84

Decoding the Matrix

Hello (Hello Friend)

The following are my thoughts on decoding the matrix. It is built around the simple premise that in the year 1999 a question was asked by a movie called the matrix. It is my belief that, that question has never being answered(You know the question). As matrix fans you all have undoubtedly developed your own beliefs and theories about the film, and because of that you will challenge what I am about to tell you. I am not here to make up your mind for you, instead I will tell you to listen to the Oracle and make up your own damm mind.

I will start this message by asking you to take on two assumptions, which shall serve as a basis or a lens in which to view the matrix. As you all know hidden within the matrix are many codes. (What codes) I am talking about basic codes like each name having more then one meaning. Numbers on ships or license plates linked to bible verses(don’t panic will not say the matrix is about God). Signs and symbols that are picked up after several viewings or research you might have carried out on the matrix. The exceteras(split), of looking through the glass(glass).

Assumption 1

The matrix is an encoded map of our world. It can be deconstructed and all items in it will link to something in our world. The Wachowskis, in essence are the map makers that Baudrillard talks about in his fable. Their map is as detailed as the one in the fable and the map overlaps the terriotory. The overlap is the idea that the world as we know it is a digital world called the matrix.

Assumption 2

The matrix is a mirror of the world, an encoded reflection, and in that reflection we all watched one of us, Neo journey in to the mirror universe. A universe that is about 500 years ahead of ours. We are not in the matrix.So now for the easy part, and using the assumptions given we can no doubt decode certain elements of the matrix. In the mirror we see the matrix simulation a digital universe, that we recognize in our world as the internet.

The network that links me to you. Hello (Hello Friend).

Now we are ready to look in the mirror and see Merovingian(Kings), and we find part of his code Links(LINKS( I will, I mean I do) him to the following statement: Trafficker of information. Thus we can link that part of the reflection to something in our world. The digital kings of our world, like he that holds the key to the book of faces, or the Jack of tweets.Or we can look at the red pills and see that they are the reflection of matrix fans. No doubt some of them hard core fans who loved every movie in the trilogy.

We can further sub divided those red pills in the different kind of red pills we see on the Nebakenezzar(sp). The Cyphers who will not really read these words, but rather post comments tearing me a new one. How many of the codes can you decode back to our world? It is really quite easy, as codes are embedded in links. Links are items of speech, images and sounds. Example Choi calling Neo Jesus Christ, links the one to Christ. Is important to know that the story does not argue that Neo is Christ but simply embedded in the code of the One is a reflection of Christ in our world. Just like Trinity links to the story of the Trinity in our world.

In fact if one looks at the matrix code one will find links to all the religions of our world. Like Neo becomes the enlightened one, linking him to the Buddha. What is important is that the systems of control that govern the matrix, link to the systems of control that govern our world. The matrix systems may be digital, but they link to the analogue that governs our world, things like taxes, religion and mass media.

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Hack 82

Hacking An Identity

There is aways money to be made from T shirts, as my journey continues this is my next product will update you all on sales, and product production process.

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Ping Civil War

USA Heading to civil war?


It is the first of July and last night I had the strangest dream. USA was in a civil war and a new virus emerged from china. Crazy dream! THIS TOO WILL PASS!

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Ping South Africa

Ping South Africa

Its 3am and my mind is telling me that South Africa has totally lost control of the covid. Just a correction to powers that be contact tracing does not mean you contact the people with the virus. Rather it means you trace where someone with the virus could of spread it .