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Hack 94

Make money from youtube

This is one of the most difficult ways to try and make money online. Many people think it is about having great content, the follow the idea if you build they will come. However what I have learnt is that you tube is a hard algorithm to hack. You tube tends to provide the search algorithm with videos that already have higher views. The easiest way to get around this, is to visit other channels and comment, and hope that people then follow you back to your channel. Search for content on YouTube and use a filter like upload date, that way you can connect with people with few views.

In order to get paid from you tube you need to accumulate 4000 hours watch time within a given year. You can do the maths on a ten minute video. You also get paid if you manage to get 1000 followers. If you are new to youtube, this is almost impossible unless you are lucky enough to have a video go viral. So follow this simple recipe and comment on channels with low views and subscribe to their channel, and ask them to subscribe to yours. It will take about 6 months. Have a nice day.

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Hack 92

What is the matrix?

The vieome theory

Abstract Nick Bostrom the simulation argument [3] proposes that we are living in a simulation. If we are living in a simulation and the matrix movie exist in that simulation than it can be argued that the matrix movie is a program for your mind.

1. INTRODUCTION Before you read this theory, think of your mind, as an empty blackboard, let go of ideas you think you know. Approach the text with a beginners mind. The matrix movie is a program for your mind. This idea will not be easy to accept, but you have to understand that programs , at their basic are recipes.

I need you to know that in order decode the question I will be speaking in matrix speak, which in a sense is a programming language our minds have in common. Know that in order for this decode to work, I will be referring to the matrix movie, as the matrix program from this point on. The matrix program is written in a version of hypertext, in that is contains a set of links. 

Already I can see the reaction, of matrix fans to the information I have presented, so at this point I think I will provide you with some background history, that brought me to this theory. In the year of 1999 when the matrix program was released 99 percent of the people who watched it, rejected the program, they are the ones that think the matrix program is just a movie. However what is important is that 1 percent of the people accepted the matrix program, these people are in essence matrix fans. The matrix program requires us to link them to the red pills. If the world was a beehive, they would be the kind of bees who’s job, is to find a new hive location. The matrix program, is not without a sense of irony, in that the new hive location seems to be the idea, that we are living in a simulated reality.  

2.THE LINK ASSUMPTION Now that we have the link, of the matrix fans to the red pills, I want to provide different classes for the red pills. The red pills are mostly outsiders, they understand the idea, that there is something wrong with the world. These fans are a combination of people who fall into the following categories, nerds, geeks, loners, sci-fi fans, gays, trans, etc. Most fans being the kind of people who sat at the nerd table in school. The matrix program, provides links for us to the basic classes in the form of the matrix hackers on the nebachanezar. 

Some of these red pills are experts on the links contained in the matrix movies, and run channels on you tube, where they broadcast their ideas. Some of the red pills are cypher type red pills, and spend their time trolling other fans in online discussion forums. Some of the fans are classes that link to a mixture of the red pill archetype on the Nabu-kudurri-uur

What is the matrix?

The matrix is a movie that contains a program for your mind. If you are one of the few that accepted the program, then no doubt you spent some time, following the white rabbit and decoding the links you found. Or perhaps you never went deep down the rabbit hole, you only enjoyed a simple easter egg hunt. 

I can not be sure if the Wachowskis intended to create the matrix movie as a program, or if it just a accident of making a movie with links to science, philosophy and religion.

 What is the matrix?

The matrix is a movie that contains a program for your mind. The matrix program has various data types, namely images, words, sound, thoughts, ideas and links. The matrix program is like hypertext on steroids, in a hyper real world. The links in the program provide variables to real world content. With in the matrix program are sub routines, these are have a link to things, like the Oracle, Mero and Smith. 

What is the matrix?

The matrix is a movie that contains a program for your mind. Is this idea so hard to accept? that by watching the movie you have downloaded the matrix program into your mind. Like I said by matrix program I mean the matrix movie. How many times have you watched the matrix program? how long have you spent exploring the matrix program? On the surface the matrix program can be very innocent, allowing one to explore a great cinematic vision. If we look again, we find that the matrix program can be very dangerous, in the wrong kind of mind. I have heard stories of red pills, inspired by the matrix program taking guns to school. Another red pill who was so twisted by the matrix program, shot and killed both his parents. I believe without the answer to this important question, these kind of things will keep happening, that is why I am decoding it here. 

Some of you might think, I am like a crazy person and I am sure some will say so, but I have no vendetta against any one, I simply want to state my truth. It is interesting reading the reactions to the matrix program, in that some of the red pills, as they learn to question the nature of reality, are ready to accept the idea of a simulated reality. They toss around the mandela effect and engage in glitch in the matrix ideas. Unfortunately, simulation is just a word a way of labeling reality. Labeling reality does not change reality.

Yes of course, we can entertain the idea of freedom, and we can think of the matrix program as code that can liberate your mind. When we look at the first matrix program we hear the words, “a world without borders or boundaries a world that is free“. The response by the machines was to upgrade the matrix program, a reload if you like. And give that life has a habit of reflecting art, this upgrade is similar to world leaders calling for more borders. 

I am going to end this now, and if you have been paying attention, I know you will have a few questions and I promise I will get to them soon. I have no doubt you will feel like you read this theory before, but please take the time to read it again.  

have a nice day.

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Hack 91

Making money online part 2

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