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Hack 92

What is the matrix?

The vieome theory

Abstract Nick Bostrom the simulation argument [3] proposes that we are living in a simulation. If we are living in a simulation and the matrix movie exist in that simulation than it can be argued that the matrix movie is a program for your mind.

1. INTRODUCTION Before you read this theory, think of your mind, as an empty blackboard, let go of ideas you think you know. Approach the text with a beginners mind. The matrix movie is a program for your mind. This idea will not be easy to accept, but you have to understand that programs , at their basic are recipes.

I need you to know that in order decode the question I will be speaking in matrix speak, which in a sense is a programming language our minds have in common. Know that in order for this decode to work, I will be referring to the matrix movie, as the matrix program from this point on. The matrix program is written in a version of hypertext, in that is contains a set of links. 

Already I can see the reaction, of matrix fans to the information I have presented, so at this point I think I will provide you with some background history, that brought me to this theory. In the year of 1999 when the matrix program was released 99 percent of the people who watched it, rejected the program, they are the ones that think the matrix program is just a movie. However what is important is that 1 percent of the people accepted the matrix program, these people are in essence matrix fans. The matrix program requires us to link them to the red pills. If the world was a beehive, they would be the kind of bees who’s job, is to find a new hive location. The matrix program, is not without a sense of irony, in that the new hive location seems to be the idea, that we are living in a simulated reality.  

2.THE LINK ASSUMPTION Now that we have the link, of the matrix fans to the red pills, I want to provide different classes for the red pills. The red pills are mostly outsiders, they understand the idea, that there is something wrong with the world. These fans are a combination of people who fall into the following categories, nerds, geeks, loners, sci-fi fans, gays, trans, etc. Most fans being the kind of people who sat at the nerd table in school. The matrix program, provides links for us to the basic classes in the form of the matrix hackers on the nebachanezar. 

Some of these red pills are experts on the links contained in the matrix movies, and run channels on you tube, where they broadcast their ideas. Some of the red pills are cypher type red pills, and spend their time trolling other fans in online discussion forums. Some of the fans are classes that link to a mixture of the red pill archetype on the Nabu-kudurri-uur

What is the matrix?

The matrix is a movie that contains a program for your mind. If you are one of the few that accepted the program, then no doubt you spent some time, following the white rabbit and decoding the links you found. Or perhaps you never went deep down the rabbit hole, you only enjoyed a simple easter egg hunt. 

I can not be sure if the Wachowskis intended to create the matrix movie as a program, or if it just a accident of making a movie with links to science, philosophy and religion.

 What is the matrix?

The matrix is a movie that contains a program for your mind. The matrix program has various data types, namely images, words, sound, thoughts, ideas and links. The matrix program is like hypertext on steroids, in a hyper real world. The links in the program provide variables to real world content. With in the matrix program are sub routines, these are have a link to things, like the Oracle, Mero and Smith. 

What is the matrix?

The matrix is a movie that contains a program for your mind. Is this idea so hard to accept? that by watching the movie you have downloaded the matrix program into your mind. Like I said by matrix program I mean the matrix movie. How many times have you watched the matrix program? how long have you spent exploring the matrix program? On the surface the matrix program can be very innocent, allowing one to explore a great cinematic vision. If we look again, we find that the matrix program can be very dangerous, in the wrong kind of mind. I have heard stories of red pills, inspired by the matrix program taking guns to school. Another red pill who was so twisted by the matrix program, shot and killed both his parents. I believe without the answer to this important question, these kind of things will keep happening, that is why I am decoding it here. 

Some of you might think, I am like a crazy person and I am sure some will say so, but I have no vendetta against any one, I simply want to state my truth. It is interesting reading the reactions to the matrix program, in that some of the red pills, as they learn to question the nature of reality, are ready to accept the idea of a simulated reality. They toss around the mandela effect and engage in glitch in the matrix ideas. Unfortunately, simulation is just a word a way of labeling reality. Labeling reality does not change reality.

Yes of course, we can entertain the idea of freedom, and we can think of the matrix program as code that can liberate your mind. When we look at the first matrix program we hear the words, “a world without borders or boundaries a world that is free“. The response by the machines was to upgrade the matrix program, a reload if you like. And give that life has a habit of reflecting art, this upgrade is similar to world leaders calling for more borders. 

I am going to end this now, and if you have been paying attention, I know you will have a few questions and I promise I will get to them soon. I have no doubt you will feel like you read this theory before, but please take the time to read it again.  

have a nice day.

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Hack 91

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Hack 85

Hacking The Matrix

Some stories are best left unheard, but what follows must be told, for it could free your mind, from the prison you were born in. My only hope is that one day mankind will have the world I see in my dream, a world without borders or boundaries without rules and controls, a world that is free.

I was just like you, except for a few differences, like the fact that I lived alone, I guess on account of the fact, that that in the most part is how a computer hacker lives. For those of you who don’t truly understand what a computer hacker is, it will do you well to run a search for Eric Raymond.

In the year of 1999, I was conducting a search of my own, trying hard, by searching the net, wide and deep, for a Black hat Hacker called Morpheus, who I believed held the key to my dream. At the time I was renting a room in a house, belonging to some old English women. My land lady and I never spoke much, only exchanging the odd pleasantry’s, when I paid my rent, or helped her carry out her garbage.


On the door to my room, I had fitted the numbers one zero one, just a small reflection of me, a binary for the number 5, five being the one dot in four dots, which was a feeling I felt, like a prisoner in the world. Also five being the number of dots, in the glider a hacker emblem. And 101 being the room you had your mind cleared in the famous George Orwell 1984 book, which coincidentally he had written in 1948.

I did not care much for material things, apart from my tech gizmos, a single bed, desk and chair, music collection, and the few odd books, there was not much else I needed. Each Item, I owned meant the world to me, for example the book collection, Baudrillard’s simulation and simulacra, had shaped my mind, my perception of the world, although I guess the chapter on nihilism I found to be…. My book collection also contained ……E books which were part and parcel of me, extensions of my mind. Books like Kevin Kelly’s Out Of Control, with its wonderful chapter on the hive mind, I guess a perfect mirror of the world. I also had a good and sincere interest in Evolutionary Psychology, will go into the details later, on how this all fitted in with the path I was walking.

Every man comes to a turning point in life, let me tell you about mine. I was doing my usual, running a search for the hacker Morpheus, but after hours of staring at the screen I nodded off, and in most of what followed, I cant be sure if it really happened or was just a dream.

I awoke, from a peaceful nod, to find, words being typed out, on my computer, what the? I had been into computers for a long time, and never seen anything like this. This was some kind of amazing hack, some one had taken over my computer. I tried to regain control of my computer(brain), with the ctrl x keys, but it was in vain. Next something weird, typed up on the screen, something I had never seen, or heard of before.

I know your mind will refuse to  believe, what I am going to tell you, because minds like their own illusions of truth, their own constructs. At the time I was like what is the matrix? What the f is the matrix, who are these matrix people, what are they doing on my computer, so I tried to take control my computer again, yes in vain. Now comes the strange part, the computer types out,


So as you can imagine, I was like what the f*ck, I mean what the shite is going on here. How would you feel if something like that happened to you? but trust me this is only the beginning of the story. Cause all of a sudden there was a knock on my door, yes the door with the one oh one. What a strange coincidence, I mean at the time, before I knew what I know now, I thought for a moment that I must be asleep and still dreaming.

At the door was my friend Choi. I know it is a peculiar name, but his mum had learnt a bit of french and thought it would be cool, to give her son some exotic french name. Choi(ce) was with his girlfriend, Dujour, I figured they might have hooked up, because of having the french name thing in common.

Any way, choi came over to collect a program I had cracked for him, he needed the program to play movies on his computer. A few months ago I borrowed him two thousand dollars, and promised him that when he repaid me, I would give him, one program that could do anything.

He did his usual, invite me to tag along to a club, in the hundred times he asked me, I never once agreed, but he never failed to ask. At the time I just wanted to go back to my computer to figure out what happened to it. Then Du jour(to day) invited me in a very flirtations way, something that women don’t do with me, flirt . I almost said yes, but still thought it was best to get back to my own little computer world. Then I noticed she had, a tattoo of a white rabbit on her back, I linked it the words on the computer. Now who ever had hacked my computer had my full attention, how could they know what is happening right outside my front door. How did they know there would be a women with a rabbit on her back.

I agreed to go the club, I guess just out of plain curiosity, and for one thing, I felt as if I was awake inside a dream. Stuff like this just does not happen to me, all these strange coincidences, all this synchronicity, so I step outside my shell for while and went to the club, with Choi and Du jour. I made the choice that day to indulge in a bit of adventure.
Some one hacked my computer, and I guess now he wanted me to meet him. Yes it would be an honor to meet any one who can make my computer do that, so I gathered my body and went to the club.

Choi and Dujour sat on a couch in the center of the club, I was standing alone against the wall, thinking about what was going on in the club, the people in the club, and also about how, out of place I felt. The story of my life that, I just did not fit in, I was an out caste, a self exile from mans stupidity, his destruction of the planet, his selfishness, the list goes on.

Then I clock, this women walking over to me, I try to ignore her, even though she is hot, way to hot for me. I imagine she might be on drugs, but her first words shock me to attention. She greets me by the name, I used as my hacking signature. I was thinking this could be trouble, as no one is supposed, to connect me to that signature.

A few years ago some guy had cracked the internal revenue service database, and it turns out, that that guy, was not actually a guy, but the women in front of me. She knew about the searches I was conducting for Morpheus, then she mentioned that word again, the one that I had made me come to the club.


How had these people got into my computer, and what was this matrix thing they talk about. I just had to know. The lady left without telling me the answer but instead said
that it would find me, if I wanted it to. Okay a sic joke, I guess these people were just messing with me. I left the club and headed Home. I checked my computer and it seemed to be fine. I spent the rest of the night, searching the internet for documents about Morpheus, trinity the lady from the club, almost nothing about either, apart from a few music instruments and religious sites and some bogus others, there was little information about the two.

I read a few of the religious documents, most about Jesus Christ, a father, a son and a holy spirit. Nothing about the women in the club, perhaps she was some kind of religious nut, that I guess explained her choice of hacker name. Things made sense, the church was rich enough to employ a few programmers to hack peoples computers, and I guess lure them back to the church. Personally I hate anything religious but i continued my internet search. I went to bed very late, the alarm woke me up, in the early hours of the morning, and I hit the snooze button. Eventually I noticed the time, and realized I was late for work, I got changed in a hurry. Then I raced off to work. The events of the night before, entered my mind and I figured it must have been a dream. What me in a club like that, I mean please. I guess I was just spending too much time on my computer, watching to many sci fi movies and now they had invaded my dream. Yes the events of the night before, was just a dream, perhaps Choi had slipped something in my drink, some of that mescaline stuff, he was so fond of.

But the dream was very clear, very real, almost like it happened. I settled for the thought that it was just a dream, the hot babe being the evidence. On my arrival at work I was summoned to the bosses Office. Mr Rhinehart the boss, whom we nicknamed German hart on account of the Rhine river in Germany and his Nazi nature, was not pleased with my conduct at all. But I did my usual and nodded along to his rebuffal, at the time I was also very distracted, by the window cleaners, giving Rhines windows a squeaky clean.
Perhaps giving him a better view of the world. Man them cleaners they have no fear of heights, I for one have a keen sense of fear of heights. After Rhine harts company policy talk, I returned to my cubicle. I sat for a moment, gathering my thoughts, the strange dream last night, Morpheus the hacker, Trinity the hacker, the matrix, what was this matrix that had me.

Then another surprise, a fedex guy walks in with a parcel for me. The guy delivers his pre-programmed, have a nice day. Inside the parcel is a mobile phone, you know the one with the shutter that flys open, nokia 911 I think it was. Then the shite hits the fan, on the line is Morpheus. Now what the f. He warns me about some agents(will explain about agent later) after me, I look up and make sure, there are three men. Possibly FBI. I take Morpheus advice and head to the corner office and climb out of the window. My heart pounds with fear. Damm all those hacks finally caught up with me. What could these FBI want. Will I be the next Kevin Mitnick, locked up with out a sentence, denied access to a computer, touch phone.

But Morpheus is offering something much scarier, a walk along a ledge of a forty story building, scarf-folding, no way, fear got the best of me, I decided to take my chance with the FBIs. They lead me down stares, shove me into a car, my mind is racing, as I am jumping in the car, for a split second the fear goes away, I notice a couple of women in red. At the head quarters of the FBI agents, I am given the first degree, they lay out my list of computer crimes before me. So last night was not a dream, these are the people that Trinity said were watching me. I give them the finger and demand a lawyer. Another strange thing happens, my mouth seals shut. Yes another dream, the FBI agents then pin me down on a table, and let some kind of mechanical insect find its way into navel.

At this point, I awake in my bed screaming. Thank God, all just a fucking dream, for a moment I thought, I was busted. What are these dream about, why am I having all these dreams that feel so real. At that point the phone rings, it is Morpheus on the line. Now what, what is happening to me, are these dreams, am I dreaming about Morpheus on the phone, or am I awake and he is really on the phone. He talks about the agents that had me. So it was not a dream, or was the part of the mechanical bug a dream. We arrange a meeting. Yes I need to meet this man, perhaps he can explain, what is going on with me.

I think it was wells and lake that these people who had hacked my computer asked me to wait for them. They arrived in an old looking car, in the back seat was the women from the club, god dam there is something about her leather. Driving the car was a guy, looked half Asian and a little of something else. Next to him was another lady in all white, looked pretty white herself, kinda like a ghost. I get in the car and next thing, whitey pulls a gun on me. What trouble have I got myself into now, she then gives me a choice, stay in the ride or hit the highway.

So the lady who had whispered in my ear, at the club, in my I think dreams, tells me the choice of the car is better then the choice of the highway. The truth, if there is such a thing, is that if she had just asked in the beginning, I would of done anything for her. I also still could not believe that the person, that cracked the IRS db looked like that.

Then again, something else happened, that made me feel, that all this was , just a dream, they put this funny looking thing to my belly and pulled out, this fleshy bug like insect. Trinity then throws it out, it changes to become, the mechanically like insect from the fed office. Then we took a ten minute drive, on the drive I had a lot to think about, what was all these strange things happening to me, was this all just one long ugly dream. Were they taking me to meet Morpheus, did they know what this matrix thing was, did they know something I did not know. What had I got myself into.


We arrived at an old building, just as I had finished thinking about all the coincidences
that were taking place in my life. Choi had said I was his Jesus Christ, a few hours before my land lady, brought me up some mail, and said the exact same thing. I guess it is all just a coincidence, a freaky one at that. Then the Fed-ex guy shows up just before the feds. And the women in red, when the feds were taking me away, looking so beautiful, what could that mean if it was just a coincidence, its like the first part is the signifier a distorted copy, of what is to come.

As trinity led me up the stairs to, I presumed, meet Morpheus, I got to wondering if there was any big secret in this world that I did not know. I wondered, if I wanted to know it, I guess just, by been there, on those stairs walking towards Morpheus, I had already made the choice to to learn the great secret.

Morpheus and I talked about fate, I explained to him that the concept of fate means that I am not in charge of my life, that there is something else pulling the string. That I don’t buy the idea of fate, that I am in the driving seat, of the car, taking the journey of my life. But to be honest, I guess that was something I believed three days ago. Too many strange things had happened, there was something I was not aware of.

He explained that we were in the matrix, used things like taxes, church as evidence, as proof, for us being in the matrix, I was hoping for a better answer then that. What was he trying to say, that life was a matrix. A matrix created by who? what were these matrix people? just hackers that hacked against the system of taxes? I remember thinking that was a serious possibility seeing that the Trinity had crack the IRS db. Morpheus then said there was no way he could really explain the matrix thing, that the only way for me to understand the matrix, or what ever it was, was to see for my self.


If I wanted to see it, I would have to make the choice to see it. I made the choice to see it, curiosity got the better of me. Morpheus then took me to a room where he and the people from the car hooked me up, to like computer devices. They sat me in a chair with a mirror, at my side. I looked at the mirror, thinking perhaps that is where, I was going to see this matrix, that Morpheus said I will see. The mirror starts to like melt away ,strange , Did I just imagine it, no this is all just a dream. Morpheus explains something like, what if you are stuck in dream? I wonder if that is what, is happening to me. Have the events of the last few days all just been a dream, I was stuck in.

I reached out to touch the mirror, I guess to see if it was still just a glass and perhaps just my eyes playing tricks on me… what happens next is not something that is easy to tell…

The mirror felt liquid, slowly the liquid started to engulf me, swallowing me, into the world in the mirror, I passed out, and awoke naked in a liquid, I thought perhaps I was drowning in the liquid from the mirror, but it had changed color to a slight red. I reached out, the liquid tore open, I stood up and looked out. I was in standing in some kinda pod.



I had cables connected to different parts of my body, like some kind of alien experiment, I looked out from my pod, and saw millions, billions of pods. Was this every man women and child all connected to some giant machine. Then a bug not unlike the one, the feds fed into my belly, just a larger version, came and eye balled me, then loosened the cable that was attached to the back of my head. Then all the other cables, that were attached to my body, came undone, and I was swallowed down, like being flushed out. I found it difficult to move my arms and legs. Like those kind of dreams where, something is chasing you, but no matter how hard you try you cant move your arms and legs. I landed in a pool, and felt myself drowning, then a metal claw came down from a white light above, and pulls me up, saves me.

I pass out and woke on a table, the whole room looked bright white, my eyes hurt, I heard Morpheus voice, he tells me to rest. Questions race in my mind. Was I back in the room with the mirror? were all the humans in the pods part of an experiment? Some days pass and I awake in a metal cell, something is plugged into my arm, What are these metal bits in my arms? Who put them their. Why had these hackers done this to me? Wait back up, I made the choice to see this, is this what, the matrix is.


Morpheus then opens the door and offers me to see the matrix. He tells me I am on a hovercraft ship. He show me around the ship, there is a metal plaque with the name of the ship, Nebercanezer. Why do I know the name of the ship? There is a bible I think verse under the ship name, MARK something. This is one helluva dream. He introduces his crew. They get me to sit in a chair, then attach something to the metal bit at the back of head. The room changes from the ship to white, ever where, it felt kinda like when I had being sucked in by the mirror. One minute a room then next minute, a vat. One minute in a ship then the next in some large gigantic room, with no walls. Morpheus appears out of thin air, then two chairs appear as well they look like they are from the room I met Morpheus in. Morpheus then explains that the world on this side of the mirror is sometime in the year of 2199. Like I had traveled into the mirror and thus into the future. he explains what the future is like, that man is dominated by machine and all plugged into a system of control by the machines.

Then comes the mind job, he tells me that while I was living in the past, I am just one of the body’s in the pod, dreaming that it is the past. And it is all one big simulation, that nothing is real. The why of it being, that machines are using all of mankind for energy.
Now of course considering that three days ago, 1999 was solid, all that he was telling me could not be true, he was having me on. What a neural network?

He said the simulation in which all the minds from the bodies in the pods meet is called the matrix. So that my life was not real, I had spent it in a simulation, a simulation based on the year of 1999. I got sick in the stomach and ask to get out, of the huge white room he called the construct. I returned to my cell to get some rest, to digest what Morpheus had told me. The matrix was like this giant hologram.

Lying on the bed of my cell, it felt like I was in Room 101 again. Lonely, I mean alone, just me and my thoughts. Is the program that Morpheus plugged me into, telling me the truth, Is it a fact that what the world thinks of as life, is just a matrix. Damn something has changed in me, this new bit of knowledge that had been added to my brain, has so many doors so many possibilities.

Still can get over it, my whole life, I have been living in a computer simulation. Desert of the real, what would you know, it appears Baudrillard was right. Everything is just a distorted copy of distorted copy(I am jacks lack of knowledge). I guess that is why we have so much coincidence. What was the original copy? What did the first copy look like?

So why have they brought me here? Why have Morpheus and co brought me here?

The Ship Log

I use to have all the answers? But this Knew knowledge is a pickle, and an onion. No Doubt. Now there is just endless possibilities, I mean infinity plus one.
Why am I here? What do these matrix people want with me? I guess I will soon find out.
I was lying on the bed foetal position, when I hear the heavy iron door open. I know its him, Morpheus, but I ly away from him, facing the wall. I cant face him. Damn these people have been watching my every move. They must know me better, then I know myself.

Morpheus knew exactly who I was?

Morpheus walked into to the cell, he had a smile on his face, I could not see it, but I felt. I could not look at him. for to know what I know, is to have the knowledge of a God. This Morpheus was like a God to the people who were plugged into the matrix. So I guessed that now he was here, in my room, to tell me why, he gave me this knowledge. I suppose that this is, His recruitment program. He wants me to work for Him?


Finally he Spoke. His voice was calm yet serious, and filled with an air of sincerity, he explained why he brought me here, to the world of pods and hovercraft ships.
At that point, I did not take it all in, what he was trying to telling me. Poor Morpheus he has the wrong man. Who me? I am no one. I realized it was time to stop asking irre(val)ent questions. Look where my questioning had got me!

Morpheus tells me that the next day, I will be training. Nothing heavy I hope, nothing manual labor, what training. They want me to be a matrix hacker? Okay no more questions. That night I fell asleep very late, although I cant be sure because I have no idea of what time it is, as a matter of a fact, how long had I been out, I was not sure how long I had been on this ship. It feels like yesterday, when I first met Trinity. Trinity wow more then just a computer hacker, she is a life hacker, well I guess it is not life anymore, trinity matrix hacker.

I have to get used to thinking of the thing I called life, as the matrix. What training, will they give me? What has me and the end of the matrix have in common? His coming will end the simulation? But if it ends wont that be the death of all the humans.
Where do these matrix hackers live?

Next morning tank, the half breed looking, member of the crew, walks in my cell. My room. He is going to be my trainer, he looked kinda military like a black panther.
Tank plugs me into the the construct. Then the most bizarre things happen. I find myself in the Hills of china, and I am greeted by a kung fu master. I train as a student, I go throw the whole process of learning all the master knows. Let me explain a bit about the jujitsu training program, it is different in the element of time, it is kinda like watching your life on fast forward. So I go though all the pains of learning the art, and instead of tens years I master the art in Ten hours. I got Tank to load me a few other martial arts, Zu Dan, jit kin do.

When I finish my Training, Morpheus offers me a challenge. We enter in to a sparing program, in the construct. The program is well written, the place looks like a real do jo.
In the program, I just feel like laughing at Morpheus, does he know, I am a kung fu master. We spar and I guess, I under estimated the guy, he is 100 times faster then me. Its going to take me years to be as far as him, I was thinking.

I am trying my hardest to beat him, but getting know where, worst Morpheus cant stop harping on instruction after instruction. Then after giving me a winding boot to the stomach, he says something, that helps me realize where I am. This program is just like a virtual reality game. I had played many games in my time, voltron, dungeons and dragons(killed the beast). My opinion is that I was quite good at computer games, but this virtual thing is very different. In the virtual word, the program reacts to your thoughts. But not just any thoughts, only the ones you believe to be true.

I struggled at first in the battle with Morpheus, but then I got it. Because the person in the construct looked like me, was controlled but my thoughts, I kept thinking that it was really me. But I was really on the ship. And the body and mind in the ship were in control
of the avatar in the program. The avatar works with prompts from feelings, thoughts, beliefs and the combination of the three, is equal to what you know. And what you know the avatar knows and will be able to do. I don’t know how I knew it, but I knew I was faster then Morpheus, and then the avatar was.

Morpheus loads another program. A program in which he jumps from one building to another, with a dual road in between. I go and have a look at the distance, no one can jump that far. So then I am thinking okey dokey just know that you can. But after I jump, I know that I am falling, and once I am falling, I know I cant. Just like Thomas walking on the water.

Later Trinity brings me something to eat. The next day Morpheus takes me into the matrix. We walk through a busy street. Morpheus explains to me the state of minds that we are walking pass. Morpheus walks a strait path with a confident stride. I weave uneasy through the crowd. A women in a red dress, just like the one Mouse mentioned. A another freaky coincidence. The Morpheus commands the matrix to freeze. Then I realize we are not in the matrix, it is another training program.

I am sure it was in a Out of Control that I read something with the following effect.
When a human logs into a computer system a program agent arises to resist that human control. In the matrix these programs looked like humans, humans with guns.

When I finally ended my training. I went to my room, I was still not comfortable with the people on the ship. I sat with my back to the wall and knees close to my chest. The Door opened, these people don’t knock, in walks the little guy, the one called Mouse.

The guy can talk. He starts feeding me with all these questions then finally he says, don’t worry about the jump program, every one falls the first time, but don’t make that mistake in the matrix. I am dumb founded. Mouse then says goodbye and walks out.
Then switch walks in, asks if I am alright. I say I am fine, she smiles a good smile and walks out.

I sit thinking about some of the things Mouse said the questions he was asking. How can you be sure, that this is not just a simulation. You you were living in the matrix and only you had the knowledge of the matrix, what kind of life would you live. Would live the kind you lived before you got here, or would you want to be someone rich. If you had the knowledge, would you be able to make yourself rich. I could never go back he added, what and give up all the construct programs. The construct can give you what ever you want. Have you met the girl in the red dress yet?

My mind was alone in all directions, so many doors, so many possibilities, could we reprogram the matrix, to make the world of our dreams? Is living in the matrix such a bad thing? I guess not so bad if you know you are. I had crossed over into the world of the mirror, and found so much to reflect on, my mind is going to be busy until rapture.

Then a zen poem I read on one of Eric Raymond’s pages came to mind.

To become the master
Look to the master
Follow the master
Walk with the master
See through the master
Become the master

Yes the cookies not only smell good they taste good too. I finished the cookie and wondered how I was going to tell Morpheus he had the wrong man, wondered how to tell him that he should
not sacrifice himself for me. In fact even when he got me out, I did not believe I was the one.

We exited the Oracle program, and as we were leaving I notice, that Cypher has a strange smirk on his face, as if he knew the Oracle would bake my noodle. Cypher is a really strange guy, the other night, I went over to the work station where he was browsing the matrix, and he was scared as hell as if he was up to something.

We returned to the building we had entered the matrix, then I had some freaky daja vous, although I am not sure if it is daja vous when an event repeats twice before your eyes. Trinity said a deja vous
is a glitch in the matrix, it means the machines have change something about the matrix. What power to have. Tank confirmed that the machines has blocked our escape root, at that moment I got a full dose
of the danger of being a matrix hacker. Here I was thinking it was just us and programs(agents), when it seems their is a higher power who can in effect alter the whole matrix.

We then went into the walls of the building, but the agents were onto us, and then the strangest thing  happened Morpheus did as the Oracle said he would, he gave himself to the agents to protect me.
I tried to stop him but it was all too late. How could the Oracle know the future? If she knew the future, how can I make a choice? What a deterministic event.

But it was all happening so fast, one problem then another. We found another exit point from the  matrix, only to find that cypher, that devil had got out and killed the guys with no holes on the ship.
Then one by one he started pulling the plug on us. First Apoc then switch and from the way trinity was looking at me I guessed me next.

Trinity was trying to talk sense into the devil child cypher, then finally a turn of events, tank came back on line and got us out. A visit to the Oracle and now it appeared it cost the lives of 5 of the crew.
they died because of me. Tank said the agents were going to hack into Morpheus mind adn the only solution to stop it was to unplug Morpheus.

So this what the choice I had to make. I did not need to think very long, I made a choice to rescue Morpheus. I had the overwhelming feeling that I could to it, even though I was not the one, I just knew it
through and through balls to bone that I could get him out. The matrix was just like a virtual reality game, and I had played many games, and always defeated the beast of the game. I thought back to
the last game of dungeons and dragons, how I had to find and kill the beast. In the matrix I already knew the beast, I met him in the red dress program.

What would I need to get Morpheus out, I would need the one power we have in our world, guns and more guns. Trinity insisted on coming with me, but truth be told, i was going into the matrix to give my life so Morpheus could have his back. I felt in the zone, I knew I was going to get Morpheus out, I just knew it. I just kept saying to myself there is no spoon, so that I was not fooled by the reality of the matrix. It looks real and the problem is the mind accepts it to be real, but it is all just one
big illusion.

Well I guess you don’t have to know the details of the rescue suffice to say I got Morpheus out. We used and old subway phone for the exit. But after Morpheus got out, something happened, trinity
said something like all the Oracle told her had come true except this, like the Oracle had told her of some event that was going to happen and that it was supposed to happen now.

Next an agent came out of Nowhere, materialized from the garbage in the subway and trinity lucky enough to get out. Well I was taking no chances with the agent, I decide to run for it. But something
in my mind, perhaps the image of the agent, made me think of him as just a man. Perhaps a man who could bend the laws of the matrix, but no more then I could. I made up my mind to fight,
to challenge the agent.

At first I was handling the situation, but the agent got the better of me. I tried to think of the battle as another training program, tried to get over the illusion that what I was fighting was not a man
but a program. I realized I was losing so made a run for it. More agents arrived and I ran for my life. I could hear the phone ringing I was almost out but a silly mistake cost me, not knowing my
matrix left from right. I entered the room with the phone exit and there he was, the program who would end my life. A program who had said he was going to enjoy watching me die.
Why would they program the agents with such a sadistic nature?

Now it felt like the game was over, and unlike the video games I played where one always got another life, here my life was over. The agent banged a number of bullets into my chest. I dropped
to the floor in disbelief. Was I dead? Then I heard trinity s voice. How could it be? Was I dreaming or was I dead. Slowly I came round and remembered, there is no spoon, hence there are no bullets,
so I cant be dead.

I woke up, the sadistic agent was in total surprise. The agents fired their guns, but I knew the bullets were  not real. So I stopped them simply by lifting my hand. Then I began to see the illusionary world of
the matrix. That everything thing in this world was just code, everything a program created from  the code.

The sadistic agent came to fight me and I knew he could not beat me. I realized that the agents themselves were trapped in the illusion, and I was seeing at the truth, looking at the code that puts everything together. I went to the heart of the agent and dismantled his code.

At that moment I heard Morpheus voice asking me again, ” now do you believe ?”

“I believe!” I wanted to shout.

I exited the matrix and came back after we had repaired the damage to the Neb. My mission to send a message to the machines, that their agents of control would not stop me in letting all the human beings know about the illusion they called life. That would would remove all the borders and boundaries of mind of the hyper real so that we can have a world were anything is possible. And all minds are free

who is vieome?

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Hack 84

Decoding the Matrix

Hello (Hello Friend)

The following are my thoughts on decoding the matrix. It is built around the simple premise that in the year 1999 a question was asked by a movie called the matrix. It is my belief that, that question has never being answered(You know the question). As matrix fans you all have undoubtedly developed your own beliefs and theories about the film, and because of that you will challenge what I am about to tell you. I am not here to make up your mind for you, instead I will tell you to listen to the Oracle and make up your own damm mind.

I will start this message by asking you to take on two assumptions, which shall serve as a basis or a lens in which to view the matrix. As you all know hidden within the matrix are many codes. (What codes) I am talking about basic codes like each name having more then one meaning. Numbers on ships or license plates linked to bible verses(don’t panic will not say the matrix is about God). Signs and symbols that are picked up after several viewings or research you might have carried out on the matrix. The exceteras(split), of looking through the glass(glass).

Assumption 1

The matrix is an encoded map of our world. It can be deconstructed and all items in it will link to something in our world. The Wachowskis, in essence are the map makers that Baudrillard talks about in his fable. Their map is as detailed as the one in the fable and the map overlaps the terriotory. The overlap is the idea that the world as we know it is a digital world called the matrix.

Assumption 2

The matrix is a mirror of the world, an encoded reflection, and in that reflection we all watched one of us, Neo journey in to the mirror universe. A universe that is about 500 years ahead of ours. We are not in the matrix.So now for the easy part, and using the assumptions given we can no doubt decode certain elements of the matrix. In the mirror we see the matrix simulation a digital universe, that we recognize in our world as the internet.

The network that links me to you. Hello (Hello Friend).

Now we are ready to look in the mirror and see Merovingian(Kings), and we find part of his code Links(LINKS( I will, I mean I do) him to the following statement: Trafficker of information. Thus we can link that part of the reflection to something in our world. The digital kings of our world, like he that holds the key to the book of faces, or the Jack of tweets.Or we can look at the red pills and see that they are the reflection of matrix fans. No doubt some of them hard core fans who loved every movie in the trilogy.

We can further sub divided those red pills in the different kind of red pills we see on the Nebakenezzar(sp). The Cyphers who will not really read these words, but rather post comments tearing me a new one. How many of the codes can you decode back to our world? It is really quite easy, as codes are embedded in links. Links are items of speech, images and sounds. Example Choi calling Neo Jesus Christ, links the one to Christ. Is important to know that the story does not argue that Neo is Christ but simply embedded in the code of the One is a reflection of Christ in our world. Just like Trinity links to the story of the Trinity in our world.

In fact if one looks at the matrix code one will find links to all the religions of our world. Like Neo becomes the enlightened one, linking him to the Buddha. What is important is that the systems of control that govern the matrix, link to the systems of control that govern our world. The matrix systems may be digital, but they link to the analogue that governs our world, things like taxes, religion and mass media.

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Ping World 2.0 Education

Ping World 2.0 Education


Given that online education is now a reality, we need to reduce the price of education.

Who is with me? Can you hear what I am saying? Why should a degree be so expensive in an online sense, when the reality is that education has become a copy and paste. And a copy of a degree course has a long online life? Like this post if you agree.