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Hack 94

Make money from youtube

This is one of the most difficult ways to try and make money online. Many people think it is about having great content, the follow the idea if you build they will come. However what I have learnt is that you tube is a hard algorithm to hack. You tube tends to provide the search algorithm with videos that already have higher views. The easiest way to get around this, is to visit other channels and comment, and hope that people then follow you back to your channel. Search for content on YouTube and use a filter like upload date, that way you can connect with people with few views.

In order to get paid from you tube you need to accumulate 4000 hours watch time within a given year. You can do the maths on a ten minute video. You also get paid if you manage to get 1000 followers. If you are new to youtube, this is almost impossible unless you are lucky enough to have a video go viral. So follow this simple recipe and comment on channels with low views and subscribe to their channel, and ask them to subscribe to yours. It will take about 6 months. Have a nice day.

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